Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh So Homesick!

Well it's one of those days....I'm homesick.

It's always worse in the Fall because my body tells me it's time to get ready for the cold and snow...and my head tells me nope...not gonna happen.

Why am I homesick?...What do I miss about being Up North? Unless you're from there ya probably won't understand some of them...but these are just some of the things I miss:

My family!


Other people who say uff-da! and oh ya?!

Ole and Lena jokes. but really...there are very very few bars down here!




My mom's kitchen


Cold...REAL cold!

Good sweet is NOT the same down here!

That last fall day when you rush to get the last of the outside work done...because we're expecting the first foot of snow that night

Mardi Gras (Ladysmith)

The Mall of America

Grand Ave. at Christmas

Ugh....there's so much more...but I've cried it out and now I'm over it!...Back to life in the South...which is starting to grow on me!

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