Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On the River

Canoed down the Caddo River today! It was my first time ever canoing and I am hooked!!! Got a sunburn...busted my lip with an oar...fell in the water....have a huge bruise on my back... And had the most fun ever!!! I am completely in love with it and can't wait to go again!

Water is a theme for me this week I guess...The other night I had a completely romantic date on the river bank with a really fun's my new favorite place to be! :-D

As a side note....I have a date with the same guy tonight and I'm really freakin excited!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Girls Night!

Last night was a rare event! Almost all my girls were able to go out on the same night so we did it up right!

Stayed in town but had a fantastic time dancing...AND...I learned to 2-step! Ended up leaving the club to go to a house party and not long after that the police showed up because of a noise complaint LOL! Topped the night off with hashbrowns and visiting with some of my favorite deputies at IHOP :-)

A few of us enjoying a pre-party shot:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Seattle...How I love you!

Just got back from Seattle...and as never disappoints! I met some great people and got to reconnect with friends and family. Had some INCREDIBLE experiences!

I am seriously considering moving there in about a year...I need to think about it some more but it's a definite possibility!

Had fun hangin out with Jeremiah:

Meeting sweet little Josie:

Going out with my girl Keely! It was an incredible night out!!!!

As much fun as I had...I'm happy to be home and get to settle into my new little house!