Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Simple. Green, Frugal

I have a really great Blogroll....I am very picky about the blogs that I keep on that list and I really hope that y'all take some time to browse through them...because let me tell you...there are resources aplenty within them!

In keeping with my New Year goals...and working towards being more SGF (Simple, Green, and Frugal) ...I just had to share this post with really inspired me:

How I Cut My Grocery Bill by 75%

I used to be very proud of what I spent on the weekly shopping, as if it was a mark of my commitment to my health. In fact, I remember not so long ago telling a friend I couldn't cut my grocery bill because I buy all organic and free range and I was committed to making healthy choices. Then suddenly, I found I could in fact still continue my same health and ethical commitments and yet save money. I started small, trying to shave £5 off my bill each week, but within a month I'd slashed my grocery bill by 75% - from £60 a week to around £15. Here's my top tips for how I accomplished it:....Read the rest

I really love that she ended the post with these words: ....I used to think this meant I had to spend a lot of money, now I know it just means I have to make good choices, be creative, start enjoying baking and cooking and wake up a part of me I never knew existed!

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