Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hot Pads...

I've been on a pot holder kick lately...Or pot cloths as Dan calls them :-) 

When making hotpads you can go from crafty girl to crazy cat lady with a quickness.  I often fine myself walking that fine line... I try to combat this by using edgier designs or non traditional colors.

I recently succumbed to the vintage charm of these hot pads.  They were quick to make and even though they're a little kitschy I really like them

Pattern found HERE

Pattern found HERE

Monday, February 4, 2013

Try Something New...

Quite a while back I had a friend give me some beautiful handspun yarn with matching beads.  I wanted to do something special with it and finally decided on a project that I wanted to make for a friend.  My friend Amy is really into vintage things, deco, clothes, etc and I wanted to make something that would have classic elements. 

I practiced the beading and broomstick lace.  Looked at countless bracelet patterns and came up with this: