Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We found out a few weeks ago that Jake has cancer. We went through some sad days where he was feeling really poorly but he seems to have bounced back for the time being. This picture is so great because Lola has no tolerance for Jake...doesn't like him to be in her space AT ALL. But since he's been sick she is much more patient with him...I just think that's really special.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I LOVE Felting!

I needed a cover to put a Kindle in and I had the idea to make one with felt…now that I’ve tried it I’m hooked!

I first knit a big stretchy piece on circular needles. You can see how large it is:

Then I threw it in the washer for 3 cycles and like magic...it felted! It shrunk, got really thick and isn't stretchy at all:

It was pretty cool to see the total change in texture…
here is an up close look at the knitting:
and here it is felted:

Once it was dry I cut off a small part to make a side flap and sewed some velcro onto the inside of it and on the outer edge. Then I added some vintage buttons and finally I needle felted a design onto it: