Monday, June 15, 2015

Vintage Windows

Behind my grandparent's house there was a big building that my grandma would fill with items that she had for sale.  She would find them at garage sales and auctions.  They would be sold at the local flea market or right there from what we called the Junk Shop.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are centered in that building.... digging through auction boxes to find new treasures. 

Taking in the ever changing landscape of the Junk Shop is something that I've never grown out of.  Now that it belongs to my mom I still wander through it every time I'm back home.  I found some vintage windows on my most recent trip and I knew I needed to have them for my studio!

I decided to put some batik and tie dyed fabric behind them and hang them on the wall behind the couch.  I attached picture hangers to the back of them and gave them a matte clear coat.  I then added the fabric by simply tacking it to the edge of the frame.  That way, if I want to do something different with them down the road it wont have done any damage.

It's important to remember that you really do need to put some type of clear coat on these old windows if you'll be bringing them inside.  Lead based paint was the name of the game when they were new and you probably don't need that floating around your home.

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