Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quikrete Made Me It's Bitch!

When the chicks were finally big enough to put in the coop and small pen I wanted to find a way to expand their grazing area.  Free ranging just isn't going to be a possibility for me because I'm trying to add plants into the yard and those girls can do some serious damage!   My solution was to put up a chicken tunnel...chunnel! :-)  I put this up along the back fence line by zip tying netting to the chain link fence and using landscaping staples to attach the other side to the grass apx. 3 ft. from the fence.
This has been working great but it's not a long term solution... It's fine while they're still relatively small but not only will they need to have more room, I eventually want to plant grapes along that fence line.
I finally decided that I'd have to erect a permanent, large pen...   So have I mentioned that I live on a mountain....and have a lot of rocks in the clay... had to be done so I started digging. 
And digging...
And...well you get the picture!
After a few weeks of digging holes it was time to put in fence posts.  Thankfully, Dan has done this before and was able to give me several great well as providing me all the tools to use while I did it!  Yep...he's fantastic! <3
The posts are in...relatively straight...and as sturdy as can be!


I want to mention that Quikrete is amazing...magic almost.  But that shit comes in 80 pound bags!  EIGHTY!!! Eight - Zero!

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