Monday, July 4, 2011


It's kind of funny that the reality that I'm alone is hitting me on Independence Day. But that is indeed my reality. Yes, there is a new man in my life…but we aren't at the point where we share holidays together….and probably wont be for quite a while. My family is 900 miles away…and while John's family would welcome me at their celebrations, it just feels too strange to go there.

I have times when it hits me hard…the social and financial reality of being on my own…but it's holidays…when I would normally be surrounded by my family…that it hits me the hardest. The summer holidays are one thing…but Thanksgiving and Christmas may be where my perspective changes even further. I'm not going to dwell on it too much right now…

So for today…While I may not be surrounded by family…I will be surrounded by friends….and Harley (The kitten finally has a name lol) And in addition to celebrating the independence of our country…I'll be celebrating the fact that my own independence, while not always easy…is teaching me lessons I've needed to learn…and affording me opportunities that I wouldn't otherwise have had.

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