Monday, April 21, 2008

Festival Season in Arkansas

It's Spring in Arkansas...and we do love our festivals!...John and I took a drive this weekend and found ourselves in Mt. View during their 1st annual Artisans market on the Square. It was great fun!

One of the booths belonged to Shawn...a man who was selling his handspun and woven fiber art and he gave me some great tips on hand spinning that I really needed! His work was beautiful....Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home :(

Next we saw something that completely wowed us...Skip & Racheal Matthews Flame Painted Copper....copper that was painted with fire!...This picture of the dvd he produced:

It really doesn't show the depth and scope of his art...I'll try to find his website and add more pics.

We moved on and were really inspired by the pottery of David and Becki Dahlstedt...we decided that was the direction we wanted to go with the kitchen decorations...We bought 2 pieces to start with...a tall pitcher and a is an example of their work:

John is a kettle corn aficionado so we couldn't leave without a bag of that and he declared it the best he's had!

Next weekend...Spring Fest in Heber Springs

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