Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The End of Indecision...

Ever since I announced that I was getting a divorce, the question that everyone has been asking is whether or not I’ll stay in Arkansas. At first I thought I definitely would. My job and my friends are here…I like the area…and for someone who hates change, the familiarity of those things is important. After my trip to Seattle I seriously considered a move…dispatchers make a really good wage there and it would open some doors for me if I decided to get back into the birthing community. My biggest concern is the amount of rain they get….and the serious lack of sun. However, it is Seattle and worth that trade off.

Besides staying here or moving to Seattle, the other consideration was El Paso. I’ve had my eye on the midwifery program at
Maternidad La Luz for a few years and the only thing that made me hesitate was the thought of John having to go to a graduate program that isn’t as highly ranked as the one at UCA. Once the divorce was a sure thing, I considered it a little more seriously. The question at that point was would midwifery be a viable option for a single person. It’d take a while to establish a clientele and even after that it wouldn’t always be a reliable income. Also, I’m not so sure I want to get back into the birth scene…

The decision was made one day not too long ago. I was looking at the guy that I’ve been dating, “D”, and realized that the feelings that I had for him were far too strong to fight…..I’m in love with him!

So Arkansas it is….easiest decision of my life!!!

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  1. I am glad you are staying in Arkansas!