Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

John and I took off to Texas for Spring Break and had a fabulous time!!! I was sitting at home, glad that I had taken the time off of work so that I could spend his break with him, and hoping that we didn't squander the opportunity by just sitting around the house all week. Then...on the spur of the moment...I decided to suprise John, rent a mini van, load up the dogs, and head to Texas!

We stayed one night in Dallas and 2 nights in San Marcos...We saw the sights, shopped, ate at great local restaurants, shopped, laughed alot, relaxed, and shopped :o)

But time away from the salt mines is drawing to a close...and I return tomorrow....*Insert sobbing and tantrum throwing here* I am actually happy to be getting back to our normal routine...and it'll be great to see my friends at work again.

Then of course there is grocery shopping, taxes, laundry, yard work...... Hmmm...,may need to re-think that whole happy to get back to the normal routine.... ;)

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