Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year to ME!

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I start my New Year on my birthday...which is today! WOOT!

I stated that my ultimate goal for the year was going to be balance. Because I am indeed a Type A personality, I had to be very organized and methodical about the whole thing....so of course I made a spreadsheet...heeheehee!!! Make no mistake about it...I AM that much of a dork!

The idea behind this was that if I had every little aspect of my life laid out on paper...er...flash drive...then I wouldn't constantly be obsessing about what I had overlooked and what still needed to be done. Now those of you who aren't complete lunatics will think that this sounds crazy...how is this a practice in balance you may be asking yourself...It's one of those deals where the end justifies the means...because I'm obsessive...I have to work with that in order to become zen...LOL...as if!

Anywho....Here are my headings:


While I'm not going to put my fabulous readers through the torture of reading my list down to it's finite minutiae*, I am going to share one of my main goals in each category.

*Note to John...I DID use this word just for the sheer joy of knowing that I WILL be using it to kick your butt on Facebook Scrabble! Fear me!

Okay...so back to business..

Personal - Create Art
My goal is to create art for the pleasure of the process...not the longevity, or utility of the item created.

Family - Send Snail Mail
My goal is to send more postcards, letters, and small gifts to my family...I do email and call...but it's just not the same and it makes me so happy to get mail that I want to do that for the people that I love.

Friends - Get Involved
The goal here is to put myself out there to actually start building relationships. My first step is that I'm going to join a group at school that is for all of the student teachers that are in the education department.

Home - Become More Proactive
I have fantastic homemaking skills...I've been a homemaker for it seems like forever. My problem is that while I have these skills..I get lazy or distracted by life and I forget to use them. The one place that this is most noticeable is with my budget. Convenience becomes more important than frugality and before you know it...the money is gone but the month still stretches out in front of me.

My goal here is going to revolve around voluntary simplicity/anti-consumerism and actually finding joy in utilizing the resources I HAVE rather than buying more.

Wish me luck!

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